General Settings

The General Settings dialog is summoned by selecting the General Settings action from the Tools menu or by using the F7 keyboard shortcut.

On this dialog, you will find three options that are unchanged regardless of the dialog page selected. At the top of the dialog, a list box selector is provided for the selection of the dialog page you wish to view. At the bottom of the dialog, an "OK" button and a "Cancel" button appear.

The OK button saves any changes you made whilst the dialog was open. The Cancel button dismisses the dialog without saving any changes made.

The General Settings dialog has several different pages, each controlling a different group of program settings. Different pages can be accessed by selecting a page name from the list box selector at the top of the dialog. During the same program session, the page selected is "sticky;" that is, if you close the dialog and reopen it, it will reopen with the same page displayed as when you closed the dialog.

Some settings require that the program be closed and then relaunched. If you change such a setting, a message box will inform you when you close the General Settings dialog that a program relaunch is required.

Program settings persist between different NoteCase Pro sessions and are stored in a file named "notecase_pro.ini".

Should you ever wish to restore the program to shipping default settings, close NoteCase Pro, rename or delete notecase_pro.ini, and relaunch the program. A new notecase_pro.ini file will be automatically generated set to shipping default settings.

The settings that can be made from each General Settings dialog page are documented in the following topics:

Table of Contents

    Page 01: Start-up Settings
    Page 02: Loading Settings
    Page 03: Display Settings
    Page 04: Global Settings
    Page 05: Save Settings
    Page 06: Operations Settings
    Page 07: Security Settings
    Page 08: Icons Settings
    Page 09: Print Settings
    Page 10: Export Settings
    Page 11: Custom Settings
    Page 12: Audio Settings
    Page 13: AutoReplace Settings
    Page 14: AutoComplete Settings
    Page 15: Clip Manager
    Page 16: Network
    Page 17: Synchronization
    Page 18: Custom Handlers

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