Here are the main features of NoteCase Pro. Some features are locked in the Lite/Trial mode (see comparison table below).


Desktop version supports Windows, Macintosh, Linux, FreeBSD, OpenBSD and Solaris. Mobile platforms include Android*, Raspberry Pi, Nokia Maemo and OpenPandora.


NoteCase Pro's user interface comes in many different languages including English, German, French, Italian and Chinese. You can contribute your language translations if not supported.

Rich import format support

NoteCase Pro can import data from more than 30 different file formats, including Evernote, XMind, TreePad, Tomboy formats. This allows you to quicky move your data over from other programs.

Rich export format support

NoteCase Pro content can be exported into different file formats, making data exchange with other software easy. Standard formats line HTML, RTF, OPML are supported.


Let NoteCase Pro observe and correct your orthography with dictionaries that are able to learn new words.


You can assign tags to your notes in order to enable more powerful searching or filtering of content.


Bring NoteCase Pro content to paper, either an entire document, only one branch or a single note.

Task management

Each note can be a task, reminding you about its due date, supporting repetitions and prioritization.


Extend the feature set of NoteCase Pro by using Plugins or even writing your own Plugins using the easy-to-learn Lua scripting language. You can also automate NoteCase Pro very flexibly using simple Lua scripts and the several hundred of NoteCase Pro API commands.


Each document note can have an arbitrary number of file attachments. Attached files are saved inside the NoteCase Pro document file, so giving away a complete NoteCase Pro document including attachments is as easy as transfering one file.

Rich text editing

Document text offers rich formatting with hyperlinks and embedded pictures. You can attach files or record audio directly into document notes.

Audio notes

Add audio to your NoteCase Pro notes: Audio protocols of meetings, self-spoken notes that you later transscribe into a text note etc.

* Android edition has a different code base and fewer features, but has file format compatibility, so that notes from the Android edition can be synced and merged with other NoteCase Pro documents regardless of supported platform.

Program editions:

Free "Lite" version Handles documents of unlimited size, but has less features.
Free "Trial" version Enables use of all program features, but is limited in the number of notes that can be saved in a document.
Paid license No restrictions in features or document size.

Comparison table:

Feature Lite Trial Full
License costs Free Free From 7EUR
File save
Unlimited number of notes can be saved per document  
Clipboard Monitor intercepts copy actions made in other programs and automatically collects clipped contents in a designated NoteCase Pro document.  – 
Switch program themes and base fonts / type sizes.
Assign scripts to Toolbar icons  – 
Multilingual support in graphical user interface.
Assign program actions to keyboard shortcuts or toolbar icons.
Set background color in panes
Document actions
Save All open documents with unsaved changes (in single action).
Reload document from file
Print an entire document or its designated portions
Multiple documents loaded concurrently with document tab user interface. 2 docs 20 docs 20 docs
AutoComplete words and phrases  – 
Audio embedding, recording, playback  – 
AutoReplace (abbreviations that expand to defined rich content or that execute an embedded script)  – 
Document statistics (include word count)  – 
Insert symbols  – 
Spell-checker  – 
Multiple level undo/redo
Copy Branch Outline (titles and structure only) and Paste Branch Outline to Root  – 
Change Case  – 
Reorder tree with mouse  – 
Mark Done Notes and Delete Done Notes  – 
Join and split notes  – 
Multi-line note titles  – 
Custom text and background colors, fonts, and icons in individual note titles.
Note templates  – 
Copy Note Only (without descendant notes)  – 
Export documents or designated portions to a large number of formats including multiple versions of HTML Limited
Hyperlinked table of contents in HTML export.  – 
Import documents from many different file formats, including a large number of other outliner formats
Export document, branch, or note to another document, text or HTML file Limited
Unencrypted and encrypted document formats supported natively Limited
Subscript and superscript text formatting
Text wrapping option
Formatting styles (store and apply multiple formatting actions such as bold, italic, text color, font, etc. at the same time)  – 
Bullet list formatting  – 
Variable line-spacing  – 
Rich text formatting (bold, italic, underline, strikethrough, custom text color, colored text background, multiple fonts and type sizes).
Text alignment (left, right, center, justified)
Assign custom document title for display in document tabs and web browser title bars.  – 
Automatic note icon assignments
Note bookmarks
Display note metadata in Tree and List Pane column bars
Easily copyable display of note breadcrumb in Note Pane  – 
Line numbering in notes, Go To Line action  – 
Syntax highlighting for large number of programming and markup languages  – 
Graphic images can imported or pasted to notes from a large variety of graphic image formats (stored in .png or .jpg format) Limited
Image resizing upon paste or import (10% - 300% of original)  – 
Edit embedded graphic images using your choice among external image editor programs
Reload last used documents at startup
Register application to start at login (Win32 only)
Allow multiple instances of program to run concurrently.  – 
Maximize program window on startup
Activate hyperlinks from within the program
Both inline note text and note title can be hyperlinks. Note titles can also be hyperlink targets
Option to automatically convert plain text FTP and HTTP URLs to hyperlinks as you type  – 
Include source URL when pasting from web browser page, either as a URL or as a hyperlink  – 
In-line hyperlinks to a particular note in the same NoteCase Pro document
Support for external and internal links (links to external file and links to internal document notes)
In-line hyperlinks to a particular note in another NoteCase Pro document  – 
Minimize to tray using hot-key
Always on Top option
Open documents stored on the Web  – 
Note actions
Force icon for note with attached files
Clone a note or a branch of notes. Cloned notes keeps the content synchronized with its original; note titles can be different)  – 
Task management (each note can become a task)  – 
Attach files to notes
Portable installation to USB thumb drive (Win32 only). Take NoteCase Pro wherever you go
Multi-platform: use the same program at home, at the office, and on your mobile device
Scriptable using the popular embedded Lua scripting engine, with scripts either embedded or in separate files  – 
Assign scripts to keyboard shortcuts and toolbar icons.  – 
Assign scripts to program event triggers  – 
Many productivity scripts are included and more are available for downloading  – 
Find and Replace
Save search queries for reuse
Ultra-granular document searches (with option for results being filled to a flat list view)
Search “hit” highlighting in the text
Normal string search, Boolean search, Perl Compatible Regular Expressions (Regex) text pattern search Limited
Synchronize document versions on a per note basis.  – 
Note tagging  – 
Mass tagging/untagging of note lists, toggle tag marking/tag colors  – 
Import/export tag ontologies  – 
Tree actions
Gather marked notes as children of the currently selected note  – 
Don’t be trapped by your outline’s hierarchy, work with flat list view of notes (filled by search action or manually)
Tree history navigation, backward or forward
Multiple text note operations are supported (moving up/down/left/right, branch expansion and collapsing, etc.)
Sort notes alphanumerically in ascending or descending order  – 
Go to clone’s source note  – 
Mark notes with multiple actions to manipulate marked notes  – 
Drag and drop for tree note reordering  – 
Hoisting (removes display of all notes from the tree but the current note and any of its descendants)  – 
Drag and drop of files to the tree pane in order to create a new note with the file as an attachment, or to add the attachment to an existing note  – 
Optional columns in the Tree Pane and List Pane that display note metadata. In the List Pane, notes can be sorted by column  –