Import Formats

The following non-native file types plus all natively-supported formats may be imported into an NoteCase Pro document using the Import dialog. If you have the necessary programming skills or resources, you may also create your own import filter for arbitrary binary or text-based formats using Lua scripting.

    .baskets Basket outliner format
    .csv BestJotter export format
    .ctb Cherrytree export format.
    .enex Evernote Export format
    .epub electronic book format
    .gjots2 Gjots2 format
    .hjt Treepad format
    .hnc NoteCenter format
    .html Hypertext Markup Language format
    .knb Keepnote document format
    .kno KnowIt format
    .knt Keynote format
    .leo Leo Outliner format
    .mm Freemind format
    .mm MM/LX Mindmap/Outline format
    .mmap MindManager format
    .nbk Keepnote document
    .ncd NoteCase HTML-based format
    .ncdb NoteCase database format
    .ncde NoteCase encrypted database format
    .nce NoteCase encrypted format
    .ncz NoteCase compressed format
    .ndb HP Palmtop Note Database
    .nkp Notekeeper format
    .note Tomboy notes
    .opml OPML format *
    .otl Natara Bansai format
    .outlook Outlook import settings
    .palm Palm Memo tab-delimited export
    .phat PhatNotes ( CSV export file
    .rtf Rich Text Format
    .tab Tab-delimited format
    .toodledo Toodledo XML export (
    .tux Tuxcards format
    .txt Plain text format
    .vlt Vault format
    .vltxml Vault XML export format
    .xmind xMind document
    .xml StickyNotes format
    .htmao ActionOutline HTML export
Some outliners achieve their hierarchies by creating a directory structure on the file system, populated by plain text .txt files, each of which is interpreted by the outliner as a child. The 22_ImportTextFileTree.lua script provides a method to import such outlines into NoteCase Pro.

* OPML import can be encoded in either UTF-8 without byte order marking (BOM) or UTF-8 with BOM. NoteCase Pro defaults to exporting and importing OPML v. 1.1 format. To switch NoteCase Pro to import and export using OPML v. 2.0, see the FAQ topic, Can NoteCase Pro Export and Import OPML v. 2.0?